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Guidelines for Vegetation Management, 1st Edition
Handbook / Manual / Guide by American Association of State and Highway Transportation Officials, 2011



Please note: This publication only contains the main text for this publication, it does not contain the appendices. If you require the appendices text, please see the “Related Products” tab for options.

The roadside vegetation manager today is faced with dwindling resources, increasing environmental and legal constraints, and increasing public pressure to provide safe and aesthetically pleasing roadsides. Throughout the United States, and the world, roadside vegetation managers face similar challenges and opportunities. These guidelines draw on the long-term experience and expertise of these vegetation managers to provide the basic knowledge required to establish a roadside vegetation management program.

This document is offered in a stand-alone print or PDF format. Another product, GVM-1-M may ordered online. It includes supplemental Appendices materials that include a state DOT survey that provides valuable summary responses from 30 states on vegetation issues; a detailed list of 40 common invasive weeds and how to treat them; and a detailed list of defined technical terms. See related items for the various online ordering options.

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