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Fundamental Capabilities of Effective All-Hazards Infrastructure Protection, Resilience, and Emergency Management for State Departments of Transportation
Handbook / Manual / Guide by American Association of State and Highway Transportation Officials, 2015



This Fundamentals Guide synthesizes the most recent federal and state guidance and research efforts from a state DOT perspective and lays out a set of capabilities for state DOTs that addresses all-hazards infrastructure protection, resilience, and emergency management and reflects National Preparedness Goals.

The goal of the Guide is to provide a resource for state DOTs that supports the integration of infrastructure protection and resilience into all of their operations and infrastructure programs.

To ensure the security and resilience of our nation’s transportation systems, AASHTO member DOTs, alongwith local, state, and federal emergency response agencies have become strong security and emergency responsepartners. This Fundamentals Guide provides you the best and latest thinking on how to remain the best at whatwe do and how we can remain that way moving further into the 21st Century. This Guide and our partnershipswill help to keep the nation’s transportation system strong and well protected no matter what the event thatmay threaten it.

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