AASHTO M 102M/M 102-19 Download


Standard Specification for Steel Forgings, Carbon and Alloy, for General Industrial Use (ASTM Designation: A 668/A 668M-17)
standard by American Association of State and Highway Transportation Officials, 2019



AASHTO M 102M/M 102-19 covers untreated and heat-treated carbon and alloy steel forgings for general industrial use. ASTM specifications for forgings are available for specific applications such as pressure vessels, railroad use, turbine generators, gearing, and others involving special temperature requirements.

Hot-rolled or cold-finished bars are not within the scope of this specification.

Six classes of carbon steel and seven classes of alloy steel forgings are listed, which indicates their required heat treatments as well as mechanical properties.

Provision, with the suffix “H” for certification and marking, for the supply of forgings after hardness testing only.

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