AASHTO M 203M/M 203-12 (2016) Download


Standard Specification for Steel Strand, Uncoated Seven-Wire for Concrete Reinforcement (ASTM A 416/A 416M-10)
standard by American Association of State and Highway Transportation Officials, 2012



AASHTO M 203M/M 203-12 (2016) covers two types and two grades of seven-wire, uncoated steel strand for use in pretensioned and post-tensioned prestressed concrete construction. The two types of strand are low-relaxation and stress-relieved (normal-relaxation). Low-relaxation strand shall be regarded as the standard type. Stress-relieved (normal-relaxation) strand will not be furnished unless specifically ordered, or by arrangement between purchaser and supplier. Grade 1725 [250] and Grade 1860 [270] have minimum ultimate strengths of 1725 MPa [250 ksi] and 1860 MPa [270 ksi], respectively, based on the nominal area of the strand.

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