AASHTO M 232M/M 232-19 Download


Standard Specification for Zinc Coating (Hot-Dip) on Iron and Steel Hardware (ASTM Designation: A 153/A 153M-16a)
standard by American Association of State and Highway Transportation Officials, 2019



AASHTO M 232M/M 232-19 covers zinc coatings applied by the hot-dip process on iron and steel hardware. The hot-dip galvanizing process consists of parts being immersed in molten zinc for a time sufficient to allow a metallurgical reaction between iron from the steel surface and the molten zinc, resulting in the formation of Zn/Fe alloy layers bonding the coating to the steel surface.

This specification agrees with ASTM A 153/A 153M-09 except for the addition of Section 4.2.3 and Note 5 in Section 5.3.

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