AASHTO M 327-11 (2015) Download


Standard Specification for Processing Additions for Use in the Manufacture of Hydraulic Cements (ASTM Designation: C 465-10)
standard by American Association of State and Highway Transportation Officials, 2011



This specification pertains to the criteria and tests to be used for determining whether an organic or inorganic processing addition, when used in the recommended amount at the option of the cement producer in the manufacture of hydraulic cements, meets the requirements as prescribed by definition in M 85 and M 240 as well as ASTM C 1157 and C 845. The materials listed in the following former AASTHO and ASTM specifications shall be considered as meeting the organic processing additions requirements of this specification:

  • M 85-57 I, for Portland Cement
  • ASTM C 205-58 T, for Portland Blast-Furnace Slag Cement
  • ASTM C 340-58 T, for Portland-Pozzolan Cement
  • ASTM C 358-58, for Slag Cement

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