AASHTO M 329M/M 329-11 (2019) Download


Standard Specification for Stainless Clad Deformed and Plain Round Steel Bars for Concrete Reinforcement
standard by American Association of State and Highway Transportation Officials, 2011



AASHTO M 329M/M 329-11 (2019) covers the stainless steel clad concrete reinforcement bars in cut lengths or coils, deformed and plain round. For coils of deformed bars, the capacity of industrial equipment limits the maximum bar size that can be straightened.

Bars are of three minimum yield levels: 300 MPa [40,000 psi], 420 MPa [60,000 psi], and 520 MPa [75,000 psi], designated as Grade 300 [40], Grade 420 [60] and Grade 520 [75], respectively.

Hot-rolled plain rounds, in size up to and including 50,8 mm [2 in.] in diameter in coils or cut lengths, when specified for dowels, spirals, and structural ties or supports, shall be furnished under this specification in Grade 300 [40], Grade 420 [60], and Grade 520 [75]. For ductility properties (elongation and binding), test provisions of the nearest nominal diameter deformed bar size shall apply. Those requirements providing for deformations and marking shall not be applicable.

Note – The weight for plain rounds smaller than 9.5 mm [⅜ in.] in diameter shall be computed on the basis of the size in ASTM A 510/A 510M.

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