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Pavement Management Guide, 2nd Edition
standard by American Association of State and Highway Transportation Officials, 2012



The anticipated primary audience for this guide is pavement management staff in the state departments of transportation. It is anticipated that most of the guide’s users will view it as a resource to address particular issues or concerns that arise as agencies face the challenges associated with managing pavements effectively. The guide’s organization by pavement management components and functions should help support this use.

However, the guide may also be used to assist those seeking general knowledge of pavement management concepts. Since pavement management is not a subject normally included in a civil engineering college curriculum, it is hoped that the structure of the guide will support this use as well.

Pavement management is used to assess and justify funding needs for pavement preservation and rehabilitation, and to help set attainable pavement-related performance goals. These successes illustrate that when reliable technical information is presented effectively, it can go a long way towards overcoming the institutional issues that threaten the use of innovative and cost-effective strategies.

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