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Standard Practice for Digital Interchange of Geotechnical Data
standard by American Association of State and Highway Transportation Officials, 2020



Standardization for transmitting data electronically is necessary to consistently and efficiently convey data among computer software, applications, Geographic Information System (GIS) visualization platforms, and geotechnical data management systems. AASHTO PP 102-20 defines practice that will allow the consistency, completeness, and integrity of geotechnical data to be maintained after data are generated and checked. Moreover, this Standard defines practice that will allow software and system developers to expect that geotechnical data will be transferred consistently. More efficient programming, automation, data management and interchange, and workflow operations related to geotechnical investigations, testing, analyses, reporting, designs, bid-package preparation, and construction and performance monitoring can be achieved as a result of the adoption and implementation of this Standard. In addition, by following the guidelines suggested in this Standard, geotechnical data can be easily managed and retrieved as an asset with intrinsic value for future applications. This standard transfer protocol may also be expanded to facilitate the systematic reporting of geotechnical related performance measures for asset management purposes in the future.

This standard practice requires the standard data transfer protocol for geotechnical data known as Data Interchange for Geotechnical and Geoenvironmental Specialists (DIGGS).

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