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Standard Practice for Quality Assurance, Job Site Quality Control, and Reapplication of Protective Sealers for Portland Cement Concrete
standard by American Association of State and Highway Transportation Officials, 2011



This guideline covers procedures and test methods for quality assurance testing and job site quality control for protective sealers for protecting new concrete or prolonging the life of sound, in-service concrete used in highway structures. It is assumed that the sealer has been tested and pre-qualified through TP 96. This guideline provides testing methods for routine and job site product quality assurance and for assessing the field performance of sealers, and includes methods to assess when reapplication should be performed.

Sealers are divided into two basic types: coatings, which remain on the surface; and penetrants, which penetrate into the concrete to some measurable depth and do not substantially change the appearance of the concrete.

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