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Standard Recommended Practice for Calibrating the Load Cell and Deflection Sensors for a Falling Weight Deflectometer
standard by American Association of State and Highway Transportation Officials, 2009



This standard practice covers the annual calibration of the load cell and the deflection sensors andthe monthly relative calibration of the deflection sensors of a falling weight deflectometer (FWD).It is used to establish calibration factors for correcting FWD measurements.

This procedure is not applicable to the calibration of cyclic loading and other types of pavementdeflection testing equipment.

Annual calibration is performed at least once per year or as soon as possible after a deflectionsensor or a load cell has been replaced on the FWD. It shall be performed by a certified technician.

Monthly relative calibration is performed on the deflection sensors at least once per month andimmediately after a deflection sensor is replaced. A certified technician is not required.

The procedure results in calibration factors are entered into the FWD software as multipliers.When the FWD measurements are multiplied by the calibration factors the result is a set ofmeasurements that have been corrected to agree with the calibration instrumentation.

Calibration procedures may vary slightly among FWD types. This procedure can be used for alltypes of FWDs with minor modifications within the limits of the reference calibration equipment.

This procedure has been automated in the software package WinFWDCal. It is required that thecomputer program be used to carry out the procedure.

To use this procedure, the FWD computer must be capable of electronic data transfer.

Data files for all types of FWDs can be read by the WinFWDCal software. The PDDX file formatis required for data input. FWD data files that are in native format can be converted to PDDXformat using PDDXconvert, which is both an integral component in WinFWDCal and a standaloneutility.

The values stated in SI units are to be regarded as standard. Imperial units given in parentheses arefor information purposes only.

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