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Standard Practice for Collecting the Transverse Pavement Profile
standard by American Association of State and Highway Transportation Officials, 2018



AASHTO R 88-18 outlines a method for collecting pavement transverse profile, including itsrelationship to a level horizontal reference in pavement surfaces utilizing automated measurementdevices. The profile can subsequently be used to quantify cross slope and pavement distressessuch as transverse deformation, rut characteristics, water entrapment, or edge drop-off. Detailedspecifications are not included for equipment or instruments used to make the measurements.Equipment that can be adequately validated to meet the functionality stipulated herein isconsidered acceptable. The goal is to achieve a standardized data set that supports a wide varietyof interpretation methods to characterize pavement transverse profile characteristics in order tocapture properties of engineering significance, without unduly restricting innovative methods.

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