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AASHTO Safety Leadership Forum IV: Reducing Fatalities by Half, 1st Edition
standard by American Association of State and Highway Transportation Officials, 2009



The road to achieving AASHTO’s ambitious safety goal of reducing fatalities by half was made clearer at the fourth AASHTO Safety Leadership Forum. State Departments of Transportation are fully engaged in the implementation of their Strategic Highway Plans. Preliminary statistics from the past year are strongly suggesting that lasting progress is being made despite some contribution to the success by the lagging economy. The Forum was perfectly timed to share successful state strategies and consider the next critical actions which will be needed to achieve continuing significant reductions. State and Federal leaders urged everyone to take the wealth of information back to their own offices and use it. A sense of individual ownership for every crash should be instilled to illustrate the level of collaboration needed to deliver even more dramatic fatality reductions. A number of areas which are ripe for attaining fatality reductions were highlighted throughout the Forum. This 11-step guide to the most critical processes and safety practices identifies the touchstones of a successful safety plan.

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