AASHTO T 372M/T 372-17 Download


Standard Method of Test for Sensitivity of Stainless Steel to Intergranular Attack
standard by American Association of State and Highway Transportation Officials, 2017



AASHTO T 372M/T 372-17 covers the procedures to be used to evaluate the sensitivity of stainless steel productsin Table 1 of M 334M/M 334 to intergranular attack in austenitic or ferritic stainless steels or theformation of a detrimental intermetallic phase in a duplex stainless steel. It is important to notethat these tests evaluate certain detrimental effects that can occur in stainless steels that couldreduce the functional life of the steel. These tests are not designed for estimating the service life ofstainless steel products in M 334M/M 334 Table 1 embedded in concrete.

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