AASHTO TP 84-11 (2017) Download


Standard of Method of Test for Evaluation of Adhesive Anchors in Concrete Under Sustained Loading Conditions
standard by American Association of State and Highway Transportation Officials, 2011



Adhesive anchor systems have widespread use in transportation structures such as bridge widening, concrete repair and rehabilitation, barrier retrofitting, utility installation on existing structures, and tunneling. These systems are used to anchor threaded rod and reinforcing bars in concrete. This test method determines an adhesive anchor’s ability to withstand sustained tensile loads under normal conditions.

This test method applies to structures used in AASHTO applications and is applicable to adhesive anchor systems with steel anchors in predrilled holes in concrete.

This test method determines the time to failure for adhesive anchors in concrete at various levels of sustained loading.

The static load test is developed from ASTM E 488 and the sustained load (creep) test is modified from ASTM E 1512 and ICC-ES AC308.

This test method only addresses the effect of sustained loads on adhesive anchors. Numerous other factors affect the load capacity of adhesive anchors and a complete battery of tests is essential to evaluate an adhesive anchor. Refer to ICC-ES AC308 for a listing of some of the many factors and related test methods that apply to adhesive anchors.

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